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Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials


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The Vapour Line

"I love Vapour! All of the products are safe and luxurious! Thank you for creating such amazing and beautiful products. And for NEVER testing on our furry friends."
           -Megan, USA

"Thanks for your wonderful products. I look forward to getting up each day because I know I will be putting them on and looking and feeling my best. They are just what I have been searching for! Keep those colors coming!"

            -Allison, USA

"I love vapour. I checked out the ingredients and they are great!!!"
           -Patricia, MN

"I Love Vapour! Absolutely THE best natural line."
           -Andie, TX

"Vapour is the hot dang bomb diggity dog."
           -Fiona Lee, IL

"Love your products and use them exclusively! Best products EVER!"
           -Lee-Anne , WA

"Love your products... so natural and clean and light weight...I receive compliments all the time now that I use is always very natural looking on my skin and I feel great using it."

           -Amy, USA

"One of my favorite things about Vapour Beauty cosmetics is how they make my skin feel and how nice the smell is. Very luxurious products and so easy to use."
           -Brandi, Los Angeles

"I would like to congratulate you on such wonderful products. I have not tried any makeup brand like this!!"
            -Christina, USA

"This brushless beauty line is a force to be reckoned with: The vibrant, sexy colors rival the coveted shades of NARS and Chanel."
            -Well&Good NYC, blog

"These unreal formulas gave me a sexy summer face in no time flat"
           -Renata's Blog

"Love, love, love the makeup - all of it.  Honestly, even better than department store stuff!  The Vapour is incredible.  Don't know what they put in it but the reflective minerals are incredible.  I almost wanted to change my lipstick every hour to try them all."
           -Gabrielle, IL

"I am beyond excited!!!!!  I have suffered with acne and your make-up doesn't make me break out, makes me glow and everything is so yummy for my skin. I am beyond excited!!!!!"
            -Cher, New York

"I have been wearing the foundation, classic blush, and trick stick for two weeks now, and I am just beyond in love. My skin looks even and glowy, everything blends beautifully just using my fingertips, and my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch, even more than when its bare; I feel like I'm not wearing anything. Since I started using Vapour, I've gotten more compliments on my skin than I ever have before, and they're almost always followed by "You're wearing makeup?!". And that isn't even the best part. This foundation has completely replaced my daytime moisturizer. It keeps my dry skin supple and hydrated in this cold Virginia weather, and somehow does it without leaving a trace of greasy anything. Its perfect. I am so happy I found Vapour! This feels like the beginning of a beautiful lifelong relationship."
             – Davila, Virginia

"They are the finest makeup products I've ever used. I have no fear that I'm putting dangerous chemicals on my face that will trigger rashes or breakouts - on the contrary, I look at using your make-up as beneficial to my skin!"

             - Holly, Brandon OR

"I’m wearing the foundation, blush and lip-gloss today and LOVE it! It gives me that naturally pretty look where you can't really tell if I have makeup on or not but I look alive, fresh and put together. It took me like 2 minutes to do it too!"

          - Shirley, USA

"I have severe allergies as well as four different types of psoriasis; to have a product such as yours which does not burn my skin or trigger any type of reaction is WONDERFUL."

            -Gail, New York

“Fantastic Eco-Bio products; they look amazing on the skin, they work wonderfully and the face still does not look like it has make up on! The incredible Foundation, Concealer, and Aura Multi-Use Blush are a must have!”

         -Ester Maria, Italy

"I love this line as well as your vision of keeping products clean"
        -Nicole, Facebook Fan

“I recently bought a sample kit to try the foundation. Today I wore it to my laser hair removal appointment at a day spa. With the bright light blaring on my face, the esthetician said I had great skin and asked me what I did!”

         - Debbie, Vancouver, WA

I love, love, love this natural makeup – it gives you flawless skin and is super hydrating in a high desert climate! <3

         - Cherilyn, Facebook Fan

"Vapour is committed to using as many pure ingredients as possible, their packaging is recycled and recyclable, and they are passionate about giving back. Vapour is a makeup line with stellar ingredients from their lip glosses to their concealers."

         -Freckles to Toes Blog

"I am a huge fan of Vapour. Many products are staple in my makeup kit."


"Best makeup EVER!!!!"

          -Manda R. Taos, NM

“I can't get enough of Vapour. When it comes to achieving a glowing complexion, window-to-the-soul type of eyes, and luscious lips, (all without wrecking my skin or the environment) I'm there with Vapour in hand!”

          -K. Fetters of

 “I love Vapour! I have ordered from you twice. Love the blush and lip combo. Wonderful!”
          -Scent Hive Blog

 “Thank you for everything you do. You've made switching to healthier products fun and easy for me!”
          -Heather, New Orleans, LA

“I finally made the switch this year, the best decision I ever made. I feel flawless!”
          -Desiree, San Diego, CA

"Vapour’s amazing line of natural cosmetics honestly puts conventional makeup lines to shame."
            – Beauty Is Wellness Blog

"I don't even go to the Bobbi Brown counter anymore now that I've found Vapour!"
            – Joyce, Laguna Niguel, CA

"I LOVE EVERYTHING! It's been a long time since a make-up product was as good in person as it looked online!"
            – Shayna, Sarasota, FL

"I am 56 and recently got the entire Vapour collection. At first I was hesitant to use it, as it looked like it might make me "shiny". I have to say, I was blown away by the results. It's like having a set of watercolor paints and my face is a canvas. I have been noticing in the past 5 years that mineral powders tend to make my skin look its age by the end of the day. Vapour gave my skin a dewy luminescence that continued until removal at night. I felt beautiful all day!! In the summer, when I am tan, I don't need to wear foundation, and I like that I can highlight cheeks, eyes and lips with the various products and look radiant. I am hooked and will be encouraging my friends to use Vapour. Thank you!!"
            – Cat, Minneapolois, MN

"When I want something bold I go for Dior ... because I know I'm going to get blow-your-socks-off results, and VAPOUR gives that to me whether I do something subtle or dramatic."
            – Vinniccio , Professional Makeup Artist

"Thank you so much! I am crazy about these products! I have been searching forever for a natural makeup that actually WORKS and I finally found it! Thanks again!"
            – Christina, PA

"I have tried your products and they are amazing, very easy to use. I love the scent, texture, and the packaging looks beautiful."
            – Nina, Stockholm, Sweden

"I can't tell you how excited I am – I have been searching long and hard for products exactly like yours. I also have to thank you for keeping your price point in the affordable range."
            – Emily, Portland, Oregon

"What exquisite products! Rather than looking applied, Vapour looks gently and luminously infused. The texture and finish are unique and so beautiful. Now that I have the pleasure of using Vapour products daily, I experience additional dimensions of their uniqueness: the texture, the lasting fresh effect, the soft beauty. I once read that Picasso drew a pencil sketch, went out into his garden in Provence and used his fingers to rub various flower petals into his sketch to impart color. Never before have I been able to say that I am reminded of that anecdote... but it sounds like the aesthetic quality of the Vapour look. I find what you have done for cosmetics and women very moving, A world that recognizes genius should celebrate your accomplishment. Thank you seems inadequate. However, rest assured that everyone who tries Vapour will love the entire line. "
            – Gilda, New York, New York

"I love Vapour! This is the the makeup I have been searching for!"
            – Annie, USA

"Check out this makeup! I've never seen anything like it!"
            – Alex, USA

"Thanks for your wonderful products. I look forward to getting up each day because I know I will be putting them on and looking and feeling my best. Keep the colors coming!"
            – Allison, USA

"If you’ve been looking for a natural cosmetic line that will give you all the luxury and versatility you are used to with traditional brands and want portable, convenient products that are advanced in their formulations and create a truly glowing complexion, I highly recommend heading over to Vapour!"
            – RLB,

"Vapour –– I’m going back for more!"
            – Paula

"I ordered a few things and can hardly wait to get the products. I already plan on throwing out all my old cosmetics."
              – Carol 

"I have finally tried for myself a makeup line that truly is like wearing nothing at all on your face!"
            – Lisamarie - Beauty Crazed in Canada Blog

"Your makeup product is just great. It's just IT! So light and easy to apply just using fingertips, and you feel like you're doing something good for the skin at the same time."
            – Wanda, USA

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector

"I received more compliments than EVER on my skin since I started using VAPOUR. My skin used to be irritated and I thought that my previous makeup was just fine. The shades that were chosen for me look naturally beautiful. I can't say enough about Vapour. I'm so grateful I found this line!"
          -Evelyn , UK

"I trust Vapour to bring me safe products that deliver. It is truly beautiful and effective makeup."
         -Sasha, NJ

"Loving VAPOUR! I replaced smashbox primer with STRATUS SOFT FOCUS and it works so much better and isn't full of crap ingredients!"
         -Shawn, NYC

"I absolutely love the Stratus Instant Skin Perfector. ...especially for my Rosacea prone skin. Just two uses and I can already feel the difference in my skin."
         -Paula, USA

“Love your products, Stratus Instant Skin Perfector is a life saver! Thank you, Vapour!”

         -Brandy, North Carolina

“I adore this stuff! Even after I remove it my skin is soft like a newborn baby's skin and my uneven areas seem more even… I'm now so addicted to this stuff I put it on under my makeup and at night on its own.”

          -Diva FX, California

“I just gave Stratus to a friend who is turning 70. Being a gardener, her skin is really damaged from over exposure to the sun and a few bouts of skin cancer. She is amazed at the difference the product is making, in how her skin feels and looks! One amazing product! Thanks so much.”

          -Liz, Taos, NM

“Stratus Instant Skin Perfector glides on to the skin leaving it smooth and velvety, perfectly prepared for foundation.”

"I am devoted to Vapour’s Stratus Skin Perfector. It is addictive. I like that I can reapply it over my make-up in dry, overheated, or air conditioned environments, and my make-up stays intact. It’s full of skin-nourishing antioxidants too. I keep this by my bed and in my handbag."

            – Gracey, Dolce Dolce Blog

"I see why a million other people love it. It works!"

            – Product Junkie's Rehab Blog

"I LOVE it! I have a lot of flaws (scars, blemishes, etc.). Your product helped me look in the mirror and actually be more OK with what I saw. Thank you so much for making it available. I plan to tell every female relative and friend about it. Well, maybe every female I meet!"

            – Crystal, USA

"Stratus feels sheer but very deeply moisturizing on my skin. I am amazed by how it feels. My skin is so smooth after I apply it. But the real Star Quality is how it works under my make up. Its the perfect base for foundation and concealer. I also love that its natural and comes from people who know what they're doing. I care about about where my food comes from and I try to know as much as possible about what I'm buying in general. And finally, now there are cosmetics that I can feel good about."

            – Carrie, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

"When I tried Stratus, I had never used a moisturizer in a stick and did not know what to expect. I soon realized it was not just a moisturizer – it was something more. I started getting compliments on how good my skin looked. And my skin felt so much smoother. I am completely hooked! "

            – Liz,  Llano, New Mexico

"When I put Vapour on I feel like I am wearing it...It is not wearing me! I have not had such radiant skin since I was 16! Stratus evened out the apperacnce of my skin tone (I have tons of  freckles) without looking like I was wearing any makeup. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it."

            – Sheilah, New York, New York

"Yet another happy customer in a long line of happy customers, I'm sure. I have not particularly enjoyed wearing makeup for the last ten years due to the changes occuring in my skin. I have very sensitive skin and as I age, it has become even more picky and dry. I thought the Skin Perfector sounded like an interesting idea. Well, I Love It!! It is brilliant! My skin is overjoyed. I just felt the need to add my words of praise to the many others. Thank you! You've changed my attitude about being 40+."

            - Lucretia, USA


  Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

"Vapour's Luminous Foundation is easy to apply and gives a subtle glow."
             -GwynethPaltrow, GOOP

"I do LOVE the foundation I purchased.  It is light weight and makes my skin look decades (!) younger."
              -Linda, CO

"Vapour foundation, it is life changing."
             -Zena, NY

"I have extremely dry skin. I see a dermatologist on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for me to do my makeup 2-3x before I leave the house and after crying because most makeup looks 'cakey' and flakey, I discovered Vapour. I was reluctant to order on line but after sending a photo to be color matched, the results have been unbelievable. I LOVE this line. Thank you, no more tears in the morning."
             -Michelle, USA

"I have been using your Atmosphere Luminious Foundation for quite awhile now (and absolutely love it, wouldn't be without it) and today I received the Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. It is absolutely beautiful.Thank you Vapour, your products are wonderful and make my skin look really good. "
             -Lynda, Canada

"The foundation’s pigment is a true blend of what my skin would look like if I was blemish and spot free."

             -Blinging Beauty Blog

"My makeup arrived last night and I was delighted! I even got a compliment from my co-worker this morning, who used to work at Vogue – so that's big! So far I am thrilled, and you'll see me back as I try some other products!"

             -Betony, Edmond, Oklahoma

"The Vapour glow makes me look as young as I feel."

             -Elizabeth, San Diego, California

"The Atmosphere Foundation made my skin look younger than any product I've tried! I wore it all day and by the end of the day my face still felt great."

             -Sandy, Jefferson, Pennsylvania

"I normally do not wear makeup (especially foundation) since it always feels heavy on my skin, until I tried Vapour.  It feels great, is weightless and actually compliments my fair colouring rather than "covering it up".  Thank you for coming up with a great product that has a great colour line!"

             -Christi, ON, Canada

"Hi, I just received your foundation/concealer duo and was very impressed. You have a winner."

             -Lori, USA

"I was delighted at the perfect yet completely weightless coverage throughout the entire day (one might say it felt, a-hem, like vapour). The foundation melts into my skin making me look radiant and aglow. Big out!"

             -Nicole, New York, New York

"I'm so very excited to know that you have the perfect cosmetics that will work favorably on my skin. I've been diagnosed with contact skin inflammatory problem – nickel, silicone, etc. – and your foundation is wonderful."

            – Shanna, USA

"I was immediately impressed with Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. This foundation is soft and light. I love the simplicity and portability. It easily covered my redness and masked my dialated pores, without causing a chalky build-up that often accompanies solid foundations. The product gave me a luminous look without being greasy."

            – Airdrie, Lip Gloss & Laptops Blog, CANADA

"After years of Community, High School, and Dinner Theater, I had a serious aversion to foundation. But this is not your old-school pancake. This foundation is light, airy, subtle, and effective. It’s like a tinted moisturizer, but with more coverage, and it feels like wearing nothing at all!"

            – Product Junkie's Rehab Blog

"More than anything I am writing to let you know how thrilled I have been with my Vapour products. I have fallen in love with the foundation, it is a perfect match with that beautiful healthy glow. The lady at my local bank complimented me on my skin, rarely do people at the bank pay compliments! In the eighteen years I have been in Canada that happened to me for the first time. My husband and kids love the fact they cannot see any makeup on me."

            – Tina, Ontario, Canada

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

"Vapour's Soft Focus foundation makes my complexion look FLAWLESS without using powder"
         -Jessica Alba, celebrity

"Vapour foundation, it is life changing."
             -Zena, NY

"Since I've been using the Vapour foundation, waiters and waitresses have been calling me Miss instead of Ma'am!"
          -Sara, USA

"I love the foundation! Even my husband (who doesn't even notice when I go to the hairdresser) noticed "something nice and different" about my skin when I wear it :-)"
         -Teresa, Taos, NM

"Soft Focus Foundation is a sheer, silky light formula that gave me a flawless, pore less complexion, and I never felt like I was wearing makeup."

        -Renata's Blog

"Atmoshere Soft Focus Foundation- it has taken two hours off my makeup routine- seriously!"
           -Dorielle, Las Vegas, NV

"Ditch the Dior and try Vapour's Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation."


"I realized my new love affair! This foundation makes my skin look amazing... even with my occasional breakouts! I can't believe how many compliments I've gotten on the health of my complexion... nobody believes that I'm even wearing any makeup! It blends really easily leaving your skin feeling soft and incredibly silky once it sets... (The key is to let it set for a minute) almost like it's melting into your skin. It keeps my skin hydrated (which is unusual for most natural brands), wears well, evens out my skin tone, and feels like I'm not wearing anything at all.
            -glamorganic goddess blog

"I have combo skin, dry on the cheeks and oily on the forehead/nose and I was pleasantly surprised this did not make my cheeks look extra dry and did not make my forehead look oily by the end of the day. Overall, this makes my skin more even-toned and very soft. Its a winner!"
            – Cori L, Phoenix, AZ

"If it's possible for a liquid to feel like silk, this product does. I LOVE this! It feels so nice on my skin. I felt so dried out with the other stuff."
            – Fig+Sage Blog

"I'm oily and acne prone. I am currently using your Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation in s100 and LOVING it!"
            – Samantha F, Santa Fe, NM

"I received my order and I am just in LOOOVE with your products. The Soft Focus Foundation just melts into my skin and look like I am wearing no makeup at all. I have been on the hunt for a great foundation forever and finally have found it."
            – Dawn, Augusta, GA

"I can't get over how your formulation is weightless on my skin, blends to the perfect color match (changes after it is on my skin), hydrates my skin yet keeps it from getting oily all at once. The most phenomenal foundation EVER!! And I have tried them all.
            – Chelsey, Chicago, IL

"To quote Ani di Franco "I am not a PRETTY GIRL", but VAPOUR is truly BEAUTIFUL! Lightweight to the point of 'I can't even feel that it's there from inside my skin', non-drying, no oily sheen, no itching, no wiping off on the pillow case (I tested that one with a nap), WOW!"
            - Cat, Seattle, WA

Lux Organic Lip Conditioner

"Lux is the pure prescription for healthy lips. Glides on like a dream and protects lips from moisture loss & environmental stress."
          -The Glamorganic Goddess Blog

“These products are made with the best ingredients, the Lip Conditioner feels wonderful on and the concealer really works to hide blemishes and you don't need to use a foundation with it if you don't want to. I will continue to purchase these products, they are wonderful products.”
            -Judith, Ranchita, CA

"I never knew how much my lips were missing – until I found Lux. One touch in the morning and my lips feel like they've gotten a good night's rest – even when I haven't.  Repeat in the evening and my lips are once again soft and smooth – and ready for whatever awaits."
           – Peter,  Baltimore, Maryland

" an excellent moisturizer for the lips that is sheer, light, creamy feeling and long lasting. I had no dry or flaky lips all day with this product!"
           – Risi-Leanne, USA

Aura Multi-Use Blush

I especially like the Aura blush which multitasks for eyes, lips and cheeks and works with any skin tone.
            -GwynethPaltrow, GOOP 

" Out of all of the products that I tried, Brilliance is my favorite. Gliding easily onto my skin, it left in its wake a soft, powdery, golden glow. I have been using this on the high planes of my face, and on my decollete."
            -Krasey, New York, NY

"Aura radiant in Mystic...Gives a gentle glow to any person I put it on ...without looking like they are using product to give them that glow."
            -Vinniccio, Professional Makeup Artist

"Aura in Brilliance is total natural glitz! It's subtle, but not TOO subtle: this stick should absolutely be in your purse when you bare your skin and take you bikini bod to the beach."
            -Charu, Beauty Stat blog

"Topping my list is the Aura Multi-Use Blush Radiant. This little everything stick imparts gorgeous, glowy color on cheeks, eyes, and lips. I even dab a little on my decolette. Immediately I look like I just came back from a great vacation ( or a great date!)"
            -Renata's Blog

"With out a doubt my must-have for travel is the Aura Multi-Use Blush Stain in Enchant. A couple of swipes on the cheeks and a few dabs on the lips and I'm ready to go. I keep one in my earthquake kit too (don't judge me! lol.)"
            -Shari, California

"Love my Aura! The fewer products I have to carry with me, the happier I am!"
-Madeleine, Virgina

"Aura!!!! Love all my vapour products but this is the one I have with me everywhere I go!!!"
, NY

“Aura Multi-Use Blush is buttery-smooth and leaves a soft, natural-looking finish.  It glides on like a dream with absolutely no tugging and is formulated with organic and natural ingredients that aren’t just non-toxic, they’re actually good for your skin!”
            - RoseTaffy Blog

“I’ve been quite smitten with Vapour’s Aura Multi-Use Blush. They blend well with the warmth of your fingertips, so I just toss in my bag if I feel like a touch-up later in the day!”
            -Product Girl Blog

"I just received Aura Blush in Crush and love it! The light, cool pink is a perfect blush color for my fair skin tone."           
           – Kathryn, North Providence, RI

"Aura gives a fresh wash of color that looks like a healthy glow. This is what I have been searching for."
            – Nicole, Phoenix, Arizona

"I reach for Aura Multi Use Blush every day to give my face a healthy glow. Aura feels light, yet moisturizing, on my mature skin. The color Spark is perfection; it adds life to my peachy skin tone."
            – Mary, Boca Raton, Florida

"For a pop of pink on your cheeks (a must for that I'm-on-vacation look), we currently can't live without Vapour's no fuss, no muss Aura Multi Use Blush stick in Torch."
            –, USA

"The dewy finish is fresh and natural. Love the on-the-go and travel-friendly packaging, perfect for when you're in a rush."
            – Make-up Junkie Blog

"Unlike powder shimmers, which can just sit there, these melt right in to create the most natural, dewy sheen on your cheeks."
            – Elizabeth, Minneapolis, MN 

"Charisma has been making my skin glow since I got my hands on it. Usually cream blushes scare me because I think they’ll break me out, but not this one, it’s a beautiful pink, with gorgeous shimmer, that leaves my bronze skin looking flushed, dewy and oh so radiant...and has never once left me with skin irritation."
           – DE, New York, NY

"Vapour's Multi-Use Stain has eclipsed the other stains that I have been enamored with. It lasts for hours and smells really good. This cheek stain is a win-win-win.
            – Tracey, Blinging Beauty Blog

"I love the popsicle stained look of Impulse on my lips. It even lasts through Starbucks!"
            – Christi, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Siren Lip Stick

"Shade Tempest 423, I know orange is all the rage right now, but I can’t wear a real one without feeling like someone’s grandma. But there’s enough pink and red in TEMPEST that it doesn’t scream Florida retirement home, but instead feels youthful and peachy. Especially on the cheeks! Such a good find for summer."
           -No More Dirty Looks, blog

"I think I own all but four of your Siren lipstick colours now...and at least one goes with me everywhere!"

"I'm in love with your Siren lipsticks! I have Hint, Tryst, Bold and Ravish and they are different tones and each one of them is perfect for different occasions. Keep more colors coming Vapour!
           -Ginny, USA

"Wearing 'Intuition' for the first time today and you've provided me with such a great product that I can toss my Lancome. Thank you!!!"
            -Kira, Maryland

“If you are looking for your new favorite natural lipstick... this company has it!”
           -Meadow, Miami, Florida

“Siren Lipstick in Tryst 412 is the ultimate old-Hollywood Hitchcock-heroine cherry red and I’m amazed at how flattering it is! The more I learn about Vapour Beauty, the more I love them.”
            -RoseTaffy Blog

“Don’t get intimidated by the deep pigments in these natural lipsticks; they go on ultra-sheer with just the right hint of color and sheen. And the creamy jojoba, pomegranate and camellia oil base means that they never feel dry.”

“(Siren Lipstick) sticks to those green ideals and are made with a unique botanical blend of ingredients… This formula creates not only a long lasting, rich yet sheer lip color; it also has some nice benefits for your lips.”

“Siren is the most striking new advance in lipstick formulation. Siren’s palette is a rich sophisticated array of colors flattering to all skin tones”

“The lipstick color I have is Siren Hint #402. It's got sort of an orange tint to it with golden overtones! It goes on my lips smoothly and leaves them feeling moist!" 

"Siren in Tempt is the ultimate nude lip color, goes on sheer and lasts all day! Does not feel cakey or sticky... it's the best!"
          – Sydne, USA

"Great wearable colors and long lasting too!"
            – Cindy, Bethesda, Maryland

"Love the Siren Lip Sticks! Can't wait to try your other products."
            – Joyce, Southern California

"Vapour delivers a high quality natural lipstick using safe ingredients. This is fantastic because we wear it on our lips which means we'll likely be ingesting a little of it! Effectiveness -- I was concerned that it wouldn't have very good staying power and while it may not rival those in the chemical extended wear lipstick category, it has certainly surprised me. It nicely made it through lunch with the girls. I also enjoyed the conditioning properties in the lipstick. There days most lipsticks feel very drying on my skin, but the Siren felt hydrating. Texture -- The texture of their lipstick was really nice, not sticky or heavy. Fragrance -- The fragrance is delicate and just a little fruity."
            – Tania, Pure Natural Diva Blog

"Siren Lipstick - very creamy with just a hint of shine.  It had good lasting power, I didn't have to reapply until after lunch."
            – Lisamarie, Beauty Crazed in Canada Blog

"These are very long wearing lipsticks for an natural formula. Moisturizing and tasty too."
            – Andrea, New York, New York

"This product amazes me. It has the color of a lipstick with the consistency of a lip balm... It promises staying power and it will deliver."
            – Sultana, Beautifile Blog

Elixir Lip Plumping Glosses

“I am thoroughly impressed ! The gloss is nourishing and smooth with just enough texture to make it last, but without any gummy or tacky consistency.”

"Elixir is SO moisturizing.  Most products are effective for maybe half an hour at most, but the Vapour lip gloss kept my lips feeling moist and plump for hours. I’m going back for more!"
            – Paula

"When I was in Chicago over the holidays, Vapour Elixir Lip Gloss was the only gloss I brought with me. I usually have a million glosses with me, but I packed light in the gloss department this time! It was the perfect choice; it’s super moisturizing and provides a gorgeous shine ... I love this gloss so much!
            Valerie, NYC

"Elixir gloss has all the shine I want in a lip gloss, with none of the sticky-gooey feel of most glosses I've tried. It moisturizes my lips while I shine!"
            – Sam, Arlington, Virginia

"I love Elixir! My boyfriend loves the taste too!"
            – Kathy, Texas

"Elixir looks nice on it's own but really beautiful over a lipstick!"
            – Lisamarie - Beauty Crazed in Canada Blog

"I love the Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss. The Beguile shade is a wonderful, a subtle complement to my natural lip colour."
            Paula, USA

"I'm loving my Elixir gloss in Bitten- quite the statement!"
, TN

"Elixir gloss will forever change your idea of a natural lip gloss. It’s SO good, it’s on par with MAC, NARS and Chanel (in fact, even less sticky than the big brands)."
            Beauty Banter Blog

"I love the sheer colors of Vapour Plumping gloss... they layer over lipstick like a dream."
            – Mary, Boca Raton, FL

"This plumping gloss is AMAZING! I have Pout, which is the perfect beachy near-nude summer color for me, and my sister has Tease, which is a gorgeous orange-coral. Neither of us can go anywhere without them."
            – Gina, Ventura, CA

"I bought this in Vivid (308). It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL color with pink/silver undertones. I love the beautiful shimmer it has. The container is very elegant looking. This is the best natural
lip gloss I have tried."
            – Frances, TX

"The new Elixir lip plumping gloss is the best lip product yet! It goes on with a little brush, that is the easiest thing I have ever used. It is so smooth and sleek! The colors are all great too!"
           – Liz, Taos, NM

Trick Stick

"Vapour! I recently discovered Vapour and I'm so excited to try more... TRICK STICK is great. I'm so glad to have a good variety of natural cosmetics!"
          -Doreen, CA

“Trick Stick is an all-over highlighting stick to be used on the brow-bone, cheeks, lips, anywhere on the face.  I got this one in Dazzle which is a soft shimmery warm gold.These sticks will not irritate the eyes or the sensitive lash line.”
          -The Unknown Beauty Blog

“I like this product because it is natural. It is nice as an eye shadow but I also use a little around my eyes it moisturizes as well. I really love it!”
          -Kathy, Kansas

“I like the fact that the warm color is shimmery and has just enough luster to add a glow to neutral to warm eyes”

"Luster Trick Stick is the secret! I've wondered how the stars get that "glow" on the red carpet and this is the answer!"
            – Sandra, USA

"Luster glides smoothly across the skin and blends easily, and won't leave a ghostly white sheen."
            – The Informed Makeup Maven blog

"I've been using it in my cupid's bow. It's beautiful for that. I love it! Fabulous!"
            – Katherine, UK

Memerize Eye Color

"Once the stick was softened, (by rubbing in a circular motion on the back of my hand) the fuss-free, no brush application made for a lovely sheer, soft and smoky eye look. All I needed to do was blend the color a bit with my finger."
            – Krasey, New York, NY

"It worked a treat! The best feature is that the stick doesn't drag the eye's delicate skin."
            – The Informed Makeup Maven blog

"What I love is the versatility! I can get a sheer wash of natural color or build it up to a
more dramatic smoky effect."
            – Anne, Peoria, IL

Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Treatment

"The eye colors are quick and easy to use. You can use one shade or blend them together.   They are creamy and warm to your skin so if you feel your skin is too dry for minerals or powders, they might be something to try."

"The eye shimmer is creamy which feels good on my eye lids. The shimmer is not over the is just light. You can make the color light or darker depending on how much you put on."

"It's great to see your three new colors. They all work together beautifully. "
            – Fallon, Montreal, Quebec

"Cream shadow never felt so right! Sheer shades deliver and delight!"
            – Rosemary, Las Vegas, Nevada

Solar Translucent Bronzer

"Love my Vapour bronzer stick; it's perfect for lids and cheeks and easy to travel with vs. powders!!"

"Fake a little fresh-from-the-beach radiance with Vapour's Solar Translucent Bronzer! Moisturizes dry patches with organic shea butter."
            – Harper's Bazaar

"Get a gorgeous, radiant, and sun-kissed glow with this natural-looking, creamy bronzer that also combats signs of aging and sun-damaged skin."
            – Coco Eco Magazine

"You can think of it as similar to the NARS Multiple. But I like this even better, shhh...don't tell anyone! The ingredients are better for you and the packaging is more environmentally sound. The color is a brown bronze (simmer), its nice because it is pretty matte and not orange at all!"
            – Dara, New York, NY

"I LOVE this bronzer – it evens the appearance of skin tone. I have even gone so far as to use it on my legs to camouflage imperfections."
            – Tracey, Blinging Beauty blog

Mesmerize Eyeliner with Smoky Eye Tool

"The formula allows for a defined line, as well as a smudgy, smokey look (thanks to the smudging tool)."
            – BlackBook

"Mesmerize is a soft pencil that gives you a smoky eye without harsh lines. Its soft, made with 70% organic ingredients, and none of the adhesives found in regular eyeliners. (Yeah, I know. I'm going to learn more about that!)"
            – Blinging Beauty Blog

"I LOVE this eyeliner. It stays perfect all day at work, and at night I use the wondrous Smoky Eye Tool to give me a more dramatic eye. So easy! I also love knowing that finally, finally I am wearing eyeliner that isn't bad for my eyes."
            – Jolie, Petaluma, CA

"The inky black shade smudges into the lash line (use the sponge on the double-ended pencil) as deftly as any Chanel product."
Beauty is Wellness Blog      

Vernissage 5-Free Nail Laquer

"In general I hesitate to use nail polish, But with Vapour's 5-Free Vernissage I feel confident  that I'm not compromising my health for beauty- and my nails can look Beautiful!!"
           - Alisha, Santa Fe , NM

"I stopped using nail polish due to the carcinogens, but Vernissage Lacquers give me the option to have manicures and pedicures again! And for being 5-Free, it is durable and the color selection is fabulous!"
           - Angela, USA

"Scandal is one of the best nail polish colors I have used. I have darker skin (a 150 in Vapour foundation) so the red really popped."
           -Rozana, Taos, NM

"I’m not usually a sparkle, shimmer, nail polish fan, but your Trance Vernissage 5-Free Laquer is mesmerizing!"
           -Alyssa, Ohio

"I love your nail polish! I brought Trance along to the nail salon today and I received many compliments!"

           -Natasha, Chicago

"As a yoga teacher, pedicures are my favorite indulgence and my new favorite polish is Vapour's "Trance." It feels so good to use something free of all those nasty chemicals and the color is fabulous and long wearing!"
         -Aura G, Taos, NM

“I ordered the nail polish in 'Trance' and it is the best nail polish that I've ever worn! I have had it on 5 days now. I did not use a top coat. I file and handle a lot of paper and it is still on. I only wished that you had more colors even though I've gotten a lot of compliments on this color."
         –Pamela, USA

“I love the sparkly graphite shade TRANCE because it is so neutral, yet so dramatic. It goes with whatever I wear - truly a modern classic. I did use a conventional top-coat and hope you do a natural top-coat soon."
         –Lynn, Dallas, TX


Replenish Nail & Cuticle Oil

"I keep Replenish in my desk and next to my bed. When my nails get rough from sailing and fishing I dab Replenish on my cuticles day and night. I love this stuff -it's the best nail treatment ever!"
         - Amanda, ME

“I use to be a nail biter until I started using Replenish. I’ve been applying twice a day, sometimes more when my cuticles are extra dry, and my once brittle, chewed up nails are now long, and super strong! My nails have never looked this healthy or this sexy!”
          - Nina


Essence Restorative Night Treatment

“Living in a high altitude, desert climate has left my skin feeling parched and dull for years. Since I’ve started using Essence Restorative Night Treatment my skin looks way healthier and more hydrated than I ever thought possible! My face looks more refreshed now and my skin feels silky smooth.”
         - Nina

"I adore Essence. My face drinks it up and my senses revel in its perfect, sweet, calming smell."  -Ash, New Mexico


"It is such a soft and elegant fragrance."
         -Laura, Taos, NM

"I am addicted to this scent! I love it on me AND my husband."
       –Elizabeth, New Mexico

"So warming and seductive! I appreciate that Vapour's Scent No1 is all essential oils in a skin nourishing base. The cute stick is so convenient; I have it in my purse and apply on-the-go several times a day!"
         –Petra, Baltimore Maryland

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