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About Us

Introducing Eric Sakas....

Our Story

The Vapour story begins with an experienced organic product design team in the remote mountain location of Taos, New Mexico, USA. Krysia Boinis owned this innovative organic skin care manufacturing company where Kristine Keheley was the product formulator. They’d been working together for years and had tucked away many unique formulas waiting for the right time to share them with the world.

Meanwhile in New York, Eric Sakas, a long time prestige cosmetics insider and previous President of Kevyn Aucoin, was searching for the next “Big Thing" in cosmetics –it had to be unique and effective. Something modern and revolutionary...

Then Eric encountered a Vapour prototype and it was love at first sight. “The product felt light-as-air and replicated the look of dewy youthful skin like nothing I’d ever seen,” said Eric. Compelled to find the source of this mysteriously effective product, he conducted an exhaustive search. When Eric found the source of the sample, he was shocked when Krysia told him, “Not only does our product offer exceptional performance but it is made entirely from certified organic plants, minerals and vitamins.”

VAPOUR embodies the beliefs of its founders – beautiful glowing skin without the compromise

Our Values

Vapour was founded with the principles of performance and purity as our first priorities. Vapour’s performance speaks for itself.  We’d like to share with you more about our commitment to creating healthy products and maintaining environmental accountability.

From the earliest stages of product design through manufacturing and product life cycle, we are dedicated to keeping women and our planet healthy. We are conscious every step of the process about the choices we make. Creating and maintaining a sustainable brand is a constantly evolving process. We strive to make conscious decisions as the options change and more opportunities emerge.     

Vapour is committed to creating cosmetics that are safe, healthy, and good for the planet. Wellbeing is central to our brand.

Our Health

Like organic food is healthier to eat, organic cosmetics are safer and healthier for people to wear - what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. None of us need to increase our toxic load with chemically based cosmetics. Chemicals don't make cosmetics better, they just make them cheaper for the manufacturers. Vapour has created a sophisticated high performance range of pure healthy products based on organic, minimally processed, food grade ingredients. Vapour's products have equal or better performance than their chemically based, often toxic, mainstream counterparts - women now have a healthy option when it comes to cosmetics - Vapour offers pure performance without compromise.

Giving Back

100% of proceeds from the sales of HONOR Elixir Plumping Gloss are donated to benefit breast cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute where they are working towards the first breast cancer vaccine!

Vapour Organic Beauty co-founder Krysia Boinis, botanical expert and young breast cancer survivor says, “Being diagnosed with breast cancer in my 30’s was shocking for me. “The disease changed my life and reinforced my belief in the importance of using safe, non-toxic beauty products on our skin everyday. Vapour is formulated with food-grade, certified organic botanicals and pure, natural pigments and vitamins, so they are safe for everyone and gentle enough for those undergoing cancer treatments.”

“ At the Cleveland Clinic they are in the preliminary phases of clinical trials for a breast cancer vaccine and so far the results are extremely positive,” says Krysia,  “Right now the best defense against breast cancer is early detection through breast self exams and mammograms. Preventative medicine could save women the grief of breast cancer and having to undergo radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery which are currently the only treatment options with sufficient research to validate them. While these options save lives every day, including mine, the side effects are long-lasting and can be devastating. The untold truth about breast cancer research is that nearly all funding gets funneled into additional research on these traditional treatments. Virtually no money is allocated to adequately test alternative treatment or prevention options. It’s a cycle that keeps women’s options limited and I want to help change that. It’s time we all collectively put our resources into breast cancer prevention and alternative treatment options. Here at Vapour we are thrilled to be donating to this initiative in the effort to eradicate breast cancer.”

Design Ethics and Process 

All Vapour products are designed and made in the USA. 99% of the Vapour skus are made on site in Taos, NM. This allows us to maintain maximum control from concept through launch over quality and sustainablity. From raw material sourcing and USDA Organic approved production methods, to sustainable packaging and energy choices we maximize health and minimize our environmental footprint every step of the way.

Designed for Performance and Purity     

Vapour cosmetics are made with a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. The remaining 30% is comprised of mineral pigments and natural vitamins. We source pure, unadulterated certified organic plant ingredients which are all biodegradable. We favor small, independent producers whenever possible. By supporting Organic farming we help reduce waste, pollution, and the toxic load on the water table. Supporting Organic farming promotes responsible, more sustainable crop cycles. Organic certification standards go beyond farming practices to include strict regulations which ensure responsible non-chemical raw ingredient processing. Vapour uses no irradiated, no chemical and no petroleum ingredients. We do not use ingredients with nano-particles.

Sustainable Production Methods    

Vapour offers employees a creative, light filled, healthy work environment. All employees from management to cleaning crew are offered flexible hours, health care, and a living wage.  Vapour is a top employer in our rural community. Our manufacturing facility and offices use wind power and we use passive solar for 90% of our lighting needs. Vapour's GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant manufacturing facility is certified by the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission as a USDA Organic Processer and Handler.  Vapour meets or exceeds the USDA’s highest standards. Our facility maintains records and manufacturing practices following the stringent procedures and inspections mandated by the USDA's Organic Program. Vapour does not use animal testing, nor are any of our raw ingredients tested on animals. We use an anhydrous filling system which reduces landfill waste during manufacturing. Since all Vapour formulas are waterless, we aren't stressing the valuable local aquifer either. 


Our primary packaging is recyclable. Our secondary packaging (unit boxes) are made in the USA at a wind powered plant from managed forest and post-consumer paper waste and printed with soy ink. We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and packing materials that enter our facility. Shipping re-uses packing materials. Vapour’s retail point of purchase display is made from recycled steel (post-consumer recycled & post-industrial recycled)

Waste Reduction   

Our products are designed to be applied directly from the convenient stick applicator reducing the need for other tools and further reducing packaging waste (no brushes, sponges or application tools necessary). Vapour cosmetics are super concentrated, using no fillers, so they last much longer than products that are primarily water based.

After end of product life    

At the end of product life what remains is biodegradable non-toxic product and recyclable packaging. We contribute to a sustainable loop of clean conscious manufacturing, the consumer’s use of healthy non-toxic cosmetics, and the recycling of our components to begin the manufacturing cycle again. All packaging is recyclable. Product ingredients are biodegradable, and contain No nano-particles or toxic chemicals to pollute the Earth.