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Happy New Year, readers! How’s winter working for you? Or are you posted up in New Zealand and South Florida? Here in Northern New Mexico, we’ve been experiencing a sometimes cruel-feeling cold snap for the last week. Many people who live here enjoy the high average of sunny days throughout the year, but recently, even the sun seems cooler. Many of my close friends and I have a hard time getting and staying warm. When talking with Vapour Co-Founder Krysia about a FABULOUS recipe Vapour shared on social media, she said she wouldn&rsq ... [read more]

With the new year just around the corner, it’s easy to put the cart before the horse when it comes to goals. Us gals here at Vapour prefer the word ‘intention’ to the word ‘resolution.’ Resolution is defined as: “A formal expression of intention and a determination; a resolve.” Here in Taos we don’t get down with “formal” too much. Annie Murphy Paul defined intention as: “The purpose and awareness with which we approach the occasion.” That sounds mo ... [read more]

A few years ago, I set a goal for myself to monotask. I knew I could paint my toenails while I was watching a movie; that I could talk on the phone while I was driving and that I could write an email while I waited for a document to print out. I wanted to see if I could not do those things. Could I watch a whole movie on my computer without checking my email? What about simply enjoying the scenery on a long drive? My boyfriend Mike called what I intended to do monotasking, multitasking’s antonym. To be honest, I did quite well with my lit ... [read more]

Every autumn I feel happy and relaxed and things seem to soften as the sun becomes less bright. I look forward to wrapping myself up in hoodies and hats. Don’t get mad, but I also love it when it gets darker earlier and the permission that gives to take care of myself and be more internal. I also love school: classes, projects and gaining new knowledge. I’ve met my best friends in class, some in college and some in yoga (which totally counts as class, by the way). Whenever a friend moves to a new place where they don’t know an ... [read more]

Vapour has just launched an amazing new product, but more about that later. One of the greatest perks of working for Vapour is being on the team that gets to test new products coming out of R&D. Vapour employees and FoV (Friends of Vapour) volunteer for this delightful duty. Vapour is never tested on animals, in fact, no one can figure out why anyone WOULD test on critters—it’s sort of like feeding pizza to a chair. My dogs simply don’t wear make-up; they are not the end-users, so why would anyone test on them?& ... [read more]

I have a confession to make. I don’t usually wear makeup. I'm a yoga girl and makeup has never been my thing. I wore it in sixth grade when acne showed, but as soon as it cleared up so did my interest in makeup. When I studied theatre in school I had to get help putting it on, especially eyeliner. I don’t know how people do it, applying eyeliner is one of the all-time hardest things for me. I’m a novice! I wanted to learn more about Vapour products. Good news: If you’re brand new to makeup or if you’re just new to ... [read more]

SO... if we’re going to be friends, I have one caveat: it’s important to me that you’re comfortable talking about digestion and elimination. I guess you don’t have to talk about it, I will. I became interested in these topics during a particularly difficult time in my life when I did not go “number two” for 3 weeks. I think Mr. Einstein was right when he said that time is relative; that 3 weeks seemed like a very, very long time. Not only did I feel super physically uncomfortable, I also felt emotionally unc ... [read more]

"Water is undoubtedly the most important nutrient in the body." Let me to be straight with you: I came to the writing of this blog-post innocent, hopeful, and on a hunch. See, lots of times people tell me I have nice skin. It's so nice when people tell me that, I'm grateful for the compliment. This whole time I have been supposing that my skin looks clean and healthy because I drink lots of water. I drink lots of water because I’m always thirsty: I use my voice a lot and I find that drinks that aren’t water (with the the notable ex ... [read more]

"Breathing eliminates 70% of the wastes from the body; it’s one of the body’s best ways to clean itself." For the first half of all the yoga classes I teach, I call out every inhalation and exhalation. In my mind, thinking “inhale,” when I’m inhaling and “exhale,” when I’m exhaling is a superb way to practice presence and also to be in gratitude of life itself. I believe we feel good after yoga class for many reasons. In most classes, the spine gets a chance to move in all of its directions and t ... [read more]

"New research published last fall in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests that beauty sleep actually exists." Hooray! One of my favorite topics and one of my favorite things to do: SLEEP. We’ve all noticed at one time or another how a poor night’s rest can make our eyes look puffy and our face more wrinkly, but does that make the opposite true? When we DO get a good night’s sleep, do we actually look better? New research published last fall in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine implies that beauty sleep actuall ... [read more]

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