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My three favorite holidays are my birthday, Winter Solstice and Halloween. Over the years I have played
at my favorite celebrities on Halloween. In fourth grade I was Danny Devito, at some point Madonna
and a few years ago, the goddess herself, Cher.
... read more

Autumn has arrived here in the high desert of the Sangre de Christo Mountains and the change of season (though incredibly beautiful) often means the arrival of fussy sensitive skin. Vapour co-founder, Krysia Boinis, shares her early fall favorites to keep it all in check...  Everything pictured above and listed below (clockwise) is available at, as well as the fabulous brick-and-mortar Credo boutique on Fillmore in San Francisco.  1: Sans [ceuticals] Nourishing Nair Hydrant Ultra is a weekly evening r ... read more

One of the first words I see on the Vapour website, Instagram and Facebook is PURITY. So I met up with Vapour Co-Founder, Krysia Boinis, on the topic of purity. I had a hunch that she, like me, could dork out on cleanness, clarity and most likely, purity. We’ve talked together about health food, cleansing, and one time Krysia brought filtered water when I had her over for dinner. I totally understood, she has a super WaterWise purifier that distills her drinking water clean. Truth be told, I’m a little jealous. I read Krys ... read more

I taught yoga for many years before I really got the deal with eye pillows. My understanding around eye pillows changed a few years ago when I took Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with the teacher who wrote the book on restorative yoga, Judith Hansen Lasater. At the training, I learned how to “manipulate my students’ nervous systems into a state of ease.” And looking over my notes now, I see that eye pillows are one of the first things Judith addressed. According to yoga’s sister science,  ... read more

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an image of myself as an older woman living in New Mexico. But I didn’t start out here. I had to get here…all the way from Brooklyn, and that often evokes the response, “Now that’s a big change!” And certainly, it was. But every once in a while, I’ll have a magical déja vu moment that reminds me of what prompted me to be here—a particularly expansive view, the pluck of a guitar, or the way a room grows more blue in the evening.  Talking to Vapou ... read more

This summer, Vapour is donating 10% of proceeds from Siren Lipstick in TEMPT to Beyond Pesticide’s Bee Protective Campaign. Giving back is important to Vapour: 30% of proceeds from Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss in HONOR go to alternative breast cancer research. 30% of proceeds from Siren Lipstick in COURAGE go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. In honor of Earth Day and its 45th Anniversary, Vapour is contributing to an important environmental cause. “So much in nature needs help,” says Vapour co ... read more

After going deep with Vapour names in February, I started to vibe on all of the intention behind each one of the products here at Vapour. I spent some time with the Vapour training manual and saw a term that intrigued me: Light Reflective Technology; sounds like a fancy mirror or a solar powered flash-light. How do you put technology on your face? And why? Spending time with Vapour co-founder Krysia Boinis answers my questions quickly. Krysia puts it simply, “Some of our ingredients are designed to utilize available light a ... read more

We are identified by skin color from the moment we are born. Brown, Black, Yellow, White…but that is not all there is. Just underneath our skin color lies our skin undertone. Knowing your undertone is crucial for finding the right shades to complement your complexion. And by selecting the right shades your makeup will look natural, and not like you are wearing a mask. I am a girl who loves makeup! Before joining the Vapour team everything I had learned about makeup consisted of what I had picked up from the older gir ... read more

As a writer looking through the Vapour canon of beauty, I can’t help but notice the names of the products and shades, and that the product names seem to create the world that the shade names live in. Questions like: “What’s in a name?” and “Who names these products and how?” leads me to the doorstep of Vapour Co-Founder and Formulator Kristine Keheley’s Southside loft. Large abstract paintings that were recently taken down from a show in a local salon were layered over Kristine’s living room ... read more

Happy New Year, readers! How’s winter working for you? Or are you posted up in New Zealand and South Florida? Here in Northern New Mexico, we’ve been experiencing a sometimes cruel-feeling cold snap for the last week. Many people who live here enjoy the high average of sunny days throughout the year, but recently, even the sun seems cooler. Many of my close friends and I have a hard time getting and staying warm. When talking with Vapour Co-Founder Krysia about a FABULOUS recipe Vapour shared on social media, she said she wouldn&rsq ... read more

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