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A Letter from Eric Sakas introducing Vapour Organic Beauty
By Eric Sakas
I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have worked with some of the most innovative visionaries in the beauty industry.

When I moved to New York back in the late 80s a good friend of mine from Pittsburgh said that I needed to meet a friend of his who was a really talented makeup artist.  I took it with a grain of salt and said that I would look him up but never did. It was a few years later upon that friend’s visit that my life would change in a New York minute.
He introduced me to Kevyn Aucoin at a downtown restaurant and we hit it off instantly.

The next week he had invited me to meet Liza Minnelli as she was recording a single called “The Day After That.” From Kiss of the Spider Woman.  It was the first of many of his celebrity clients that I would meet in the years ahead. I was struck by their fondness for him. Aside from his incredible talent, what I was most impressed with most was his humility. I really connected with him because I saw that he was just a small town boy in the big city, just like me. That attitude never changed in the 10 years that he grew to be one of the most celebrated and beloved makeup artists of our time.

He was my biggest mentor in life. I learned so many things from him throughout the years that I worked side-by-side developing products for him and other big cosmetic companies.  I learned to see beauty through his eyes the way he did, in everyone.  I learned that it’s not worth doing something unless you’re going to give it your all. I learned that talent really is not so much about the technique but more about the passion. I learned that makeup does not mask an ugly heart. I learned that beauty does really come from within, but sometimes we need a jumpstart from someone who believes in us first.

I was very fortunate to learn his coveted makeup techniques, work on his best selling beauty books and also run his cosmetics company, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, even after his passing in 2002.  When I left the company to pursue other interests, I remembered years earlier when he was ill and would always say to me, “You will always be taken care of.” I believed what he told me and one day from out of the blue I received an email by Cristina Carlino, the founder of Philosophy, saying that she would love me to work with her to develop a full color line.

It was a huge opportunity and I was extremely grateful.

She reminded me so much of Kevyn in her ability to lead and to love. It was also her brilliant vision that drove me to create with such passion. When the company was sold and new management took over, we parted ways.
The short time that I spent with her gave me even more respect for her.
She taught me the true meaning of the word grace.

After Philosophy I started to consult in the industry and had the opportunity to work on many exciting products and brands. Consulting gave me a bigger vision of the industry and I really got to see everything.

After I was handed a sample one day in a meeting, my life would change again instantly.
Someone I met had shown me a sample of the Vapour Foundation. I swatched it on my hand and was completely blown away by how it performed on the skin. I only knew that the company was from New Mexico. That night I tracked them down on the Internet and found the small company the very next day. I called and spoke to the brilliant formulator, Kristine Keheley , and she told me it was made with organic ingredients. It made sense to me considering plant cells and skin cells are compatible, but I had never seen a product perform like this before. Everything I had seen previously in the organic space was sub par in its performance. We talked about the innovation and the years they had spent developing the formulas. I dropped everything I was working on to pursue a partnership with them, because I wanted to share this product with women everywhere. Many job opportunities had come along in that year, but I stood committed to developing the Vapour product line, because it was something I completely believed in.

The result is my experience in color cosmetic development combined with the innovative formulations of the Vapour team. In my opinion there is nothing on the market with the quality and performance of Vapour. And I have seen it all! As someone who understands color and how it performs on the skin, the Vapour products are incredible. They apply evenly; blend in seamlessly and quickly, thereby creating a flawless and radiant second skin. The Vapour products are the easiest color cosmetics I have ever used to get a very professional polished look in seconds.  No brushes or other products are needed, only your fingertips.

I am grateful that I can share this exceptional product line with women everywhere. It is the result of over 50 years combined experience in both prestige color cosmetics and organic formulations.

This has been a personal journey for me as well in remembering the words of my past mentors teaching in that I have truly followed my heart.
I hope that you will try Vapour Beauty and see for yourself what I’m so excited about.

Thank you,

Eric Sakas
Co Founder, Vapour Organic Beauty

Kevyn Aucoin, Eric Sakas, and Liza Minnelli in 1992
Kevyn Aucoin, Eric Sakas, and Liza Minnelli in 1992

Kevyn Aucoin and Eric Sakas in Japan, 1994
Kevyn Aucoin and Eric Sakas in Japan, 1994

Eric Sakas, Kevyn Aucoin, and Gena Rowlands, 2001
Eric Sakas, Kevyn Aucoin, and Gena Rowlands, 2001

Hillary Swank with Eric Sakas on the set of Face Forward Shoot
Hillary Swank with Eric Sakas on the set of Face Forward Shoot

Eric Sakas, 2009
Eric Sakas, 2009

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