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Face Primer For All Skin Types
By Vapour Organic Beauty

primer for all skin types

Why use a primer? Think of our skin as a canvas and primer as a tool that evens out the canvas, readying it for makeup application. Vapour’s Stratus Instant Skin Perfector, in both Luminous and Soft Focus formulas, contains a blend of powerful plant botanicals and skin nourishing ingredients that improves the appearance and texture of your skin.

Stratus contains Vapour’s Light Reflective Technology, which immediately perfects the appearance of your skin— you immediately appear younger and refreshed. (Many of our fans wear Stratus alone and love the improvement they see in their skin.)

Stratus doesn’t stop there. Frankincense is soothing, Tulsi is antioxidant and and Lotus flowers are moisturizing. Stratus also contains a revolutionary, deep moisture complex of organic pumpkin and papaya that strengthens the skins appearance and improves overall tone and texture.

And best of all? Stratus gives you the performance of a luxury moisturizer and primer with none of the silicone or chemicals! 

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