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The Vapour Blog

I am Vapour's Test Animal
By Liz Fox

Vapour has just launched an amazing new product, but more about that later.

One of the greatest perks of working for Vapour is being on the team that gets to test new products coming out of R&D. Vapour employees and FoV (Friends of Vapour) volunteer for this delightful duty. Vapour is never tested on animals, in fact, no one can figure out why anyone WOULD test on critters—it’s sort of like feeding pizza to a chair. My dogs simply don’t wear make-up; they are not the end-users, so why would anyone test on them? 

Animal testing began in the late 19th Century, when Louis Pasteur used sheep to show the importance of vaccines, notably, against anthrax. In the first quarter of the 20th Century, cosmetics companies began testing on animals after a woman was blinded by the chemicals in her mascara. Animal testing was widespread for decades, until in 1998 Britain outlawed animal testing for cosmetics, and in 2009 the EU followed suit. While some major U.S. cosmetics companies are not testing products on animals anymore, their chemical ingredients might still be tested on animals.

Leaping Bunny is an internationally recognized organization that promotes a standardized “Cruelty Free” policy. Vapour is a proud member of this program. In accordance with Leaping Bunny standards and Vapour’s ethics, Vapour’s products and raw ingredients are not tested on animals. 

Vapour has never tested on animals, other than freely volunteering human animals! No toxic chemicals are used in Vapour’s products, so there is no danger there. However, Vapour products are rigorously tested for performance, effectiveness and pure joy of use. We testers are asked for any and all feedback that will lead to improvements in the products.

Visionary Advanced Solution Serum is the new product that I mentioned earlier. This is a revolutionary anti-aging serum that is as smooth as silk charmeuse. I tried each incarnation over the two years of development, and thought each one was fantastic, only to be amazed that the next one was even better. Visionary is designed to target those little areas on the face that show signs of aging first. It contains organic camellia seed oil for skin brightening, a peptide complex with proven effectiveness against wrinkle depth and volume, and super antioxidant organic raspberry seed oil, as well as protective prickly pear extract. Like all Vapour products, Visionary is made with the highest quality ingredients, 70% of which are organic. It is the most luxurious product in the Vapour line to date.

I am 58, and I apply it to the thin lines that are starting to form around my lips, as well as around my eyes and any place else I feel a wrinkle might be thinking about starting. Studying my face in my highly magnifying mirror, I don’t see any evidence of the passing of the two years since I have been using Visionary in its various incarnations. I have noticed my skin has a more supple texture and a brighter radiance. Those of us who have been testing Visionary are super excited that it is finally launching and finally available to everyone. I hope you all love it as much as I do. Treat yourself to a sample kit and try Visionary Advanced Solution Serum. It is truly Visionary.

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On 6/18/2016 Ermina Royale wrote:

The message in the picture is a 100% true story.

Ermina Royale

On 11/3/2014 Maria wrote:

So grateful for this well written article, and it is so pleasing to know that there are companies paving the way for change in animal testing. Thank you ! mz


On 9/30/2014 Stacy Satya wrote:

Excellent article…thank you for making this (I agree; Obvious) stance in our skin care world of products…the animals love each of you!

On 9/24/2014 krysia wrote:

It is SO disturbing that a woman was blinded by the chemicals in her mascara! Thanks to Vapour's chemical free formulations I know my adventure's in makeup are as safe as they are beautiful.

On 9/24/2014 Ashleigh wrote:

awesome article liz! LOVE the pick of you and the puppies! "like feeding pizza to a chair"!!!! :)

On 9/24/2014 Aura wrote:

Interesting to know a bit of the history around animal testing. So glad Vapour's test animals are humans. Yay for safe human and animal friendly products! Well written, Liz!

On 9/24/2014 Miquela wrote:

Liz, you are a brilliantly witty of my favorites! Great post. mm

On 9/24/2014 Jody Tuft wrote:

I use Vapour product and Love them ! I am delighted to use a product that is not tested on animals and is so good for my skin. Keep up the good work Vapour !

Jody Tuft
http://P.O. Box 1085

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