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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Makes The Most Organic Eyeliner Of Them All?
By Kristine Rippel, Vapour Wholesale Account Manager

Vapour’s Mesmerize Eyeliner is the safest, purest eyeliner on the market.

Finally! Eye definition that is good for your eyes! The New York Times says, “Vapour has introduced the first eyeliner made with 70 percent organic ingredients. (The formula) contains beeswax, sunflower oil and other organic ingredients…to replicate the gliding effect of chemical based eyeliners.”

Some brands make organic claims about their eyeliner but most fall short of a significant organic percentage. Most contain only a sparse 40% (or less) organic ingredients, but Vapour’s Mesmerize Eyeliner contains a whopping 70% organic ingredients.

And that’s not all. Many other eyeliners, including ones making natural or organic claims, include ingredients like bismuth oxychloride, a known eye irritant. Yes, you read that correctly–known eye irritants are commonly used in eyeliner! Mesmerize Eyeliner is safe. To women with sensitive eyes or women who like to use eyeliner on the waterline (the delicate area inside the lash line): This is your eyeliner!

For tips on how to apply Mesmerize Eyeliner for a softly defined eye or a smoky eye, check out the How To Wear tab on this page.

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