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Vapour Goes International
By Krysia, Vapour Co-Founder and CEO
I’ve had a sneaking suspicion since its inception that Vapour was a global brand in the making– and this past weekend I got a true glimps of the possibilities ––

Vapour, just 5 months old, is stretching its reach North to Canada and launching on Canada’s home shopping network;
The Shopping Channel. Friday

Model casting—Eric and I had scheduled 2 hours to see about 50 women ages 20 thru 50 something.  So many amazing models showed up for the casting and narrowing it down to just 5 models was really tough! My thanks goes out to all the great ladies who braved the frigid cold to come meet with us. Models were saying Vapour felt like nothing they’d ever tried …so weightless and emollient on the skin.  One model emailed that she could not stop looking at herself in the rear view mirror on the way home…and that she nearly had a car wreck….”But,” she said, “ my skin had never looked better!”

Vapour had just gone live on and TV promos were scheduled to run later in the day…when low–and–behold Carmela came running in with news that moments after the site went live Vapour was already flying off the web shelf!


Theoretically our “day of rest” before show day…was spent prepping show line-ups,  and locking our keys in the rental car with the engine running… never a dull moment!


Our day began at 4:30am–– an ungodly hour for Beauty! It was going to be a 19 hour day at the studio––It was bitter cold and it was snowing. I loaded up on Stratus and Atmosphere to protect my skin and headed off to the studio. Would everyone be tucked in their beds or gathering with family at Church? Would any one tune in? We were up against the Grammy’s later in the day––would it matter?

We were scheduled for 5+ hours of airtime on Sunday and before the first full hour had passed we began to sell out of several items! …CANADA ROCKS!… Eric was on fire! Models were gorgeous! Everyone at the network was Amazing! Half way through the day we were virtually sold out of Everything! I was on the phone with Greg, my adorable husband, who was at the factory to see what we had in stock so we could prepare to ship more to Canada on Monday….

Eric with Canadian Vapouristas Eric with the Canadian Vapourettes

Alexis on Set Alexis models Mesmerize

Susan Before and After Atmosphere Susan Before and After Atmosphere

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On 2/14/2014 Michele Schirduan wrote:

I have your eyeliner which I love!!
Are you only on the shopppingchannel in Canada or will you be on in the US also? I would watch for sure even though I can still buy off your website. I would love to watch for tips.

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