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What's In A Name: How Vapour Shade Names Are Born
By Ashleigh Beyer, Vapour BlogGirl
Vapour Blog

Behind the scenes: New shade development and the naming process

As a writer looking through the Vapour canon of beauty, I can’t help but notice the names of the products and shades. Questions like: “What’s in a name?” and “Who names these products and how?” leads me to the doorstep of Vapour Co-Founder and Formulator Kristine Keheley’s Southside loft.

Large abstract paintings recently taken down from a show in a local salon are layered over Kristine’s living room and furniture, gorgeous colors everywhere. We sat on her large comfy couch and she told me about a re-upholstery project she’s been working on for the couch’s pillows; a new color was coming forward.

Kristine has “been an artist forever.” She began showing her work professionally when she was 25 and brings her experience titling paintings to naming Vapour products. About paintings Kristine says, “Titling a painting is an important piece of the communication that I’m having with the viewer. I don't title gratuitously and I’ve never shown an untitled work.”

When titling shades of Vapour or works of art, Kristine finds words with richness and depth, then the “user or viewer has an interpretation of what that word means to them.” Kristine paints about beauty and calls Vapour, for herself and Co-Founder Krysia Boinis, “an act of creative love.”

“There’s a long history in cosmetics of being evocative with names,” Kristine says. Vapour is meant to “coexist in a meaningful way with fashion house brands,” such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. When creating Vapour, she and Krysia want Vapour “to exist in a realm of glamour and poetry.”

While naming shades Kristine is thinking about “weather, romance, sex, love and flirtation.” Light is an important part of Vapour, which is “light on the planet and light on your skin,” but Vapour also creates light; a radiant look.

Take Stratus Skin Perfecting Primer as an example. Stratus is a type of cloud and the word stratus comes from the Latin prefix strato-, meaning layer, which is exactly what the product Stratus is doing. Kristine says, “Stratus is optically blurring. It’s perfecting. It’s kind of a cloud.” 

In college, Kristine majored in Greek Archaeology, which inspired the name for the lipstick line: Siren. Sirens were the femme fatales in Greek mythology who lured sailors to a shipwreck with their entrancing music and voices.

Practically speaking, the question “What is the product?” is often answered poetically in the name. Mesmerize for the eye products, Aura for the multi-use color, Solar for the bronzer and Clarity removes make-up while clarifying the skin.

When we get to the names of the shades, Kristine says, it’s “about having fun.” And the most uniting theme for shades is romance and “playing with that idea.” Tease, Purr and Tempt are only a few examples. Mesmerize names speak to the imagination with names such as Nightfall, Smolder and Firefly. Trick Stick Highlighter is named what it does, with Dazzle and Luster, but also what it hopes to be, Star. Marrying the practical with the poetic truly is a gift of Kristine’s, and she’ll tell you, “it’s a dream job,” perhaps both literally and figuratively.


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I love hearing a bit of the behind the scenes stuff! Interesting!

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On 2/15/2015 Marissa wrote:

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On 2/13/2015 Gina Gallagher wrote:

I love being able to have fun with cosmetics, and the names of the products and colors are part of that! It seems that a lot of us disagree with Juliette when she said, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

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A good name is SO important! I really like the names Vapour gives their products, they aren't so weird that you have no idea what it is but slightly clever and fit the aesthetic of the company.

On 2/13/2015 Wendy wrote:

A name is sometimes what draws a customer to a certain product/shade. The extra benefit to Vapor products are that they are not full of chemicals hidden under their unique names :)

On 2/13/2015 Brenda wrote:

Naming is everything in products. Finding catchy, one word names that give just the right description can be difficult but Kristine has seemed to nail it.

This giveaway seems amazing and prayers that I win! Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway!

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On 2/12/2015 Freya wrote:

I love the romance behind product naming! Lovely article.

On 2/12/2015 Audrey wrote:

How names are chosen for beauty products is something I have always wondered. Thank you for the blog topic. Knowing part of Kristine's thought process when creating names really romanticizes the brand for me. Words have power and what a fun and creative way to express them.

On 2/12/2015 Kelly wrote:

I love hearing this inside scoop on naming. Thanks Ashleigh and Kristine! Words and names are so transporting, inspiring personal interpretation yet grounded in collective meaning.

On 2/12/2015 Elise wrote:

I am right there with Liz, I would love to be in the room when product names are being danced around. I love that the names capture and the colors supplement. When I wear Vapour, the names enhance the experience. They invoke a character, another personality. They take on their own form and let you interpret that form in your own way. Vapour is true glamour and true poetry.

On 2/12/2015 Liz wrote:

Nice read, Ashleigh! I have always wanted to be in the room when the 'naming parties' happen! I love the interplay of words and their meanings, and the sounds they make, then pull in color! xo

On 2/12/2015 krysia wrote:

Love Love Love our Vapour names. Sexy, flirty, dramatic, comical, whimsical, naughty and nice. So much fun creating with you Kristine! Heart, Krysia

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