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100% natural, 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals
Lit From Within TM




We hand craft all Vapour products with the purest organic and natural ingredients. We source our ingredients for their potent benefits to the skin as well as the sustainability of their harvest. Vapour’s process respects the power of plants in promoting health, beauty, and wellbeing. 


Vapour operates it’s own USDA approved organic lab where product quality, integrity and purity standards are meticulously protected. Vapour products never contain toxic chemicals, parabens, phthalates or nano-particles. None of our raw ingredients have been irradiated or animal-tested.


Purity is Transparency

  • Vapour has earned “Champion” Safety status from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  • 100% natural, 70% organic skincare, 30% mineral pigment/essential oils
  • Lux, Clarity & Replenish have earned the USDA organic seal
  • No toxic chemicals, parabens, preservatives, nanoparticles, irradiation, fillers or animal testing in any Vapour products


Our award-winning products are beloved by beauty enthusiasts worldwide—from industry insiders and small town moms to health-savvy cancer survivors. Silky, lightweight textures, versatile color, and luminous skin effects make Vapour the exemplar in organic beauty. We believe high-performance means not having to choose between beauty and health.


All Vapour products glide on easily and seamlessly blend into skin. Concentrated, moisturizing bases hold fine particles of reflective minerals in suspension, enhancing your natural beauty without settling into fine lines and pores. The effect is our signature Lit From Within Glow, the naturally radiant look of being in love. Skin looks instantly more youthful and smooth without the use of water, powder, chemicals or preservatives.


Pioneers of Performance

  • 2 ALLURE Best of Beauty Awards
  • 95% of the women who have tried Vapour would recommend Vapour to a friend
  • “ Vapour’s foundation makes my skin look flawless.” —Jessica Alba, INSTYLE



Vapour’s progressive conscience runs deep. We push ourselves, our team and our products to the evolving edge of cosmetic, skincare and sustainable design. Our commitment to personal and planetary health permeates every choice we make.


Integrity For You

We are committed to creating a sensory experience that is luxurious and joyful. We believe skincare and cosmetics should delight the senses with texture, color and scent. This is why we design our classic color palette with pure earth minerals that resonate with the earth’s wide range of skin tones. Vapour’s Lit From Within Glow is the real effect of lightweight, non-occlusive formulas designed to give you your best skin. When you choose Vapour, you are choosing cosmetics with a conscience.


Integrity for the Earth

Sustainability is an ever-evolving process. Every step of the way, we evaluate our choices for the greatest environmental benefit. Vapour uses passive solar and wind power in our lab, offices and warehouse. Our stick applicators are aluminum, the most recyclable material available, and our lab uses a flood-fill system to reduce waste. Product boxes are made from post-consumer recycled paper printed with soy ink.


Integrity for Our Community

We hold high standards for ethics in the workplace. We make our products in a light-filled, nurturing environment. Our office and warehouse team members enjoy an open atmosphere and true camaraderie. The citizens of Taos respect and trust Vapour as a top employer and friend to the community.


Integrity on Our Path

Vapour is alive, alert and constantly evolving. Challenges inspire us to innovate and grow. We are not afraid to redirect our efforts if we discover a problem with an ingredient, supplier or method. We understand our customers—savvy, conscientious, optimistic thinkers—and each day brings us an opportunity to craft products for them in alignment with our vision.


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