Our Philosophy



Vapour was founded with the principles of performance and purity as our first priorities. We are committed to creating healthy products and maintaining environmental accountability.  From design concept through manufacturing and product life cycle we are conscious every step of the way about the choices we make. Creating and maintaining a sustainable brand is a constantly evolving process and we are committed to making the best choices as the options change and more opportunities emerge. Wellbeing is central to our brand.

Our Company

Vapour strives to set an example of a new business paradigm: sustainable and honest with purpose and heart while excelling at creating excellent products and receiving global attention. Vapour provides a living wage, flexible hours, health insurance subsidies and a creative light–filled, nurturing environment for our employees. Vapour is a top employer in our rural community.

Award Winning Performance

Naturally long wearing and skin compatible, Vapour has a growing fan base of celebrities, makeup artists, mothers, survivors and women of every age and ethnicity. Vapour has been honored with 2 ALLURE Best of Beauty Awards; 2010 Aura Multi Use Blush & 2013 Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, and 28 (and counting) additional awards for product excellence.

But most important are the results of an independent study that revealed that 95% of the women who tried Vapour would recommend Vapour to a friend.
Unparalleled Purity

Did you know that up to 80% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body?

That’s why Vapour contains only natural, healthy, minimally processed ingredients: a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with the remaining 30% comprised of mineral pigments and essential oils.

Chemicals are not necessary to make beautiful performance cosmetics; they make cosmetics cheap and easy for manufacturers. Vapour has equal or better performance than its chemical, often toxic, conventional counterparts. Vapour offers pure performance without compromise.

Sustainable & Ethical

Vapour has earned ‘Champion’ Safety status from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  

Vapours is a member of the Leaping Bunny Program, an internationally recognized organization that promotes a standardized “Cruelty Free” policy. Our products and raw ingredients are never tested on animals.

Three products in the Vapour line have earned the USDA certified organic seal: Clarity Organic Make Up Remover, Replenish Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil, and Lux Organic Lip Conditioner.
All other Vapour products contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals and pure essential oils but are not certified due to their mineral pigment content.
All Vapour products are made in the USA.

Vapour uses passive solar and wind power in our manufacturing facility, warehouse and offices.

Vapour uses an anhydrous filling system which reduces landfill waste.

Vapour contains no carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or toxic chemicals to pollute the Earth.

Vapour uses No irradiation, No nano particles, No petroleum, and No chemicals in our facial skin care and color cosmetics.

Vapour packaging is made from recycled content and is recyclable. Sticks are made from recycled aluminum and are recyclable. Unit boxes are made in the USA at a wind powered plant from managed forest and post-consumer paper waste and printed with vegetable ink.

Vapour is designed to be applied directly from the stick reducing the need for other tools and further reducing waste; no brushes, sponges or application tools necessary.

Vapour cosmetics are super concentrated, using no fillers, so they last much longer than products that are primarily water based.

We reuse or recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and
packing materials that enter our facility.

Since all Vapour formulas are waterless, we aren't stressing
the valuable fresh water aquifer either.

From raw material sourcing to sustainable packaging and energy choices, we maximize quality control and health while minimizing our environmental footprint every step of the way.

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