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Vapour’s Founders: Krysia Boinis, Kristine Keheley, Eric Sakas

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The Vapour Organic Beauty story begins in the enchanted mountains of Taos, New Mexico, USA, with a product design team experienced in the use of organic ingredients.

Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley worked together for years designing and manufacturing award winning products for other brands. They created many unique formulas and were eager to share them with the world.

Meanwhile in New York, Eric Sakas, a long time prestige cosmetics insider and previous President of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, was searching for the next “Big Thing” in cosmetics – it had to be unique and effective. Something modern and revolutionary...that’s when Eric encountered a Vapour prototype and it was love at first sight.
“The product felt light-as-air on my skin and replicated the look of dewy youthful skin like nothing I’d ever seen,” said Eric.

Compelled to find the source of this mysteriously effective product, he conducted an exhaustive search. When Eric found the source, he was shocked when Krysia told him, “Not only does Vapour offer exceptional performance, it’s made entirely from pure minerals, essential oils and organic plant ingredients.”
VAPOUR embodies the beliefs of its founders – beautiful, glowing skin without compromise.